Critical use and representation of geographic information

Spatial Analysis & Geovisualisation Research Group at the University of Iceland

Geographic Storytelling

The undergraduate-level course Critical use and representation of geographic information provides an introduction into spatial thinking and the relevance of geographic information in natural and social sciences. Students learn how spatial information affects our understanding and perception of places with a special emphasis on the integrated analysis of qualitative as well as quantitative geographical data at different spatial scales. Part of the coursework is the conceptualisation and realisation of a StoryMap that combines the presentation of spatial and other quantitative data with a narrative for communication of academic works. The following StoryMaps were created by students in this course as part of their final project in the autumn semester 2021.

Uncovering a destination: The present and future of tourism in the Westfjords
Birgitta Gardarsdottir

“God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands”: The Netherlands and its fight against water
Deborah van Putten

Winter wonderlands fight against Covid-19: Tourism in Finland and how Covid-19 changed the situation
Etna Kuosmanen

Tourism in Iceland: A story about the development of the tourism industry in Iceland in the recent years
Hörður Kristleifsson

The boxing day: Tsunami in The Indian Ocean, 26 December 2004
Jonheidur Anna Thorlacius

Tourism development in South Asia: Development of tourism numbers in South Asia before COVID-19 pandemic
Karen Birta Kjartansdóttir

Is Prosecco a true ‘miracle’? A story behind most popular sparkling wine of 2010s
Karolina Łatwis

LGBTQI+ Rights in Europe: In average, only the 38% of the human rights are achieved for the LGBTIQ+ community in Europe
Lola Morral Josa

Ski resorts in France: French ski resorts, their place in the economy and the problem of climate change

Louis Claudon

Minke Whales: A story about the importance and exploitation of minke whales
Maria Eide

Food Sovereignty: Communities reclaming the power of food
Marina Miralles Vidal

How good are the Nordic Countries? An assessment of the development of the Nordic Countries
Martí Rambla Calatayud

Icelandic Folklore Creatures and Where to Find Them: Icelandic Folklore in data
Matthildur Hjartardottir

The North of Iceland: where the possibilities are endless
Ragnheidur Guðmundsdottir

Iceland’s Main Export Industries: and their Impact on the Southern Region
Sigrún Þóra Magnúsdóttir

Postcolonial Politics: Political Processes, Patterns & Peculiarities in Africa
Simon Marx

The land of ice and fire: An introduction on volcanoes in Iceland
Snædís Ólafía Einarsdóttir

How Tourism has developed in Iceland from 2010-2020
Viktor Már Birkisson

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