BS/MS Projects

Spatial Analysis & Geovisualisation Research Group at the University of Iceland

Would you like to complete your BS or MS project with me as a supervisor? Please contact me with an outline of your thesis project idea as well as a short CV indicating your skills and the courses you have completed during your studies. For theses written in Icelandic, please note that you also need to find a second supervisor.

Ongoing Master thesis projects: (selection)

Completed Bachelor and Master theses:

Past Bachelor and Master thesis projects can also be found on the University of Iceland’s central repository Skemman. Click here to view theses that I have supervised in the past on Skemman. Here is a selection of recently completed projects:

A Time Series Analysis of Vegetation Succession on Lava Flow Fields at Hekla Volcano: Assessing the Utility of Landsat Data
Climate change in the Westfjords, Iceland : a local perspective of a global problem
Densification of settlements – effect on wind direction and thermal comfort. Study of two concentration fields in Reykjavík
Geomorphological Mapping of a Paraglacial Slope Instability at the Southeastern Tindfjallajökull Glacier, Iceland
Heavy is the Mountain : the tension between place attachment and the perception of hazards, climate change and place disruption, revealed through virtual walking tours in Patreksfjörður, Iceland
Impact of load data on visibility analysis results. The visibility range of the proposed wind farms above Garpdal and Búrfell analyzed
Monitoring salmonid populations using unmanned aerial vehicles: a case study of Arctic charr in Iceland
On the Trail of Adventure: Criteria for Designing Mountain Biking Trails
Reindeer in Space
The Role and Importance of Trees in Reykjavík, Iceland
Vulnerability to glacier avalanche hazards: A case study of the Þjórsá floodplain, Southern Iceland